Wes Smith Bio


Wes Smith, Aka Wazzou the General (born Montréal, Québec) is a Canadian musician, Bassist and vocalist for the One Love Project. (One Love Band, Peppers of Funk, Dano and Dave, Hit Men, Soul Shakers, Stir it Up)

From his early days in the St. Mary`s  junior church choir in Hudson, Quebec, music has always occupied a massive importance in his life, and fueled the desire to pursue a life focused on music, and to share this passion with others.

Making his debuts in the Quebec music scene in the early 2000`s, after several years of intensive formal self-study on bass,  Wes established himself as an energetic rhythmic force combining multiple styles such as reggae, hard rock, funk, blues, R&B,  jazz, soul and hip hop to name a few, to create a unique and dynamic sound and style.  Wes`s energy and rhythmic prowess is best exemplified by his unique character and unifying presence with the One Love Band on-stage.

Moreover, Wes`s unique blend of energy, creativity and versatility over multiple styles of music, combined with the burning desire to elevate the Band or artists work or performance to the next level, makes him an ideal collaborator on-stage or in-studio.

Some of the artists he has collaborated with and supported live or recorded include:  Sarah Coyle, Much Williams, Marty Desjardins, Maui Effect, The Music Institute, Dave and Dan Lima, Tim Smith, Magnum Lovin’, BDB`s, King without a Crown, Stir it Up, Dano Peace, Dave Segreti, the Hitmen, Punky Reggae band, Tekeyce-Ti and the Reggae Funkers`, H.O Soul, Saboo & the Boom Gaia Band, to name a few.

Wes looks forward to continuing to share his energy and passion for music and the bass by playing live shows, touring across the world and recording with the One Love band.

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