Melanie Charrier Bio


Having made her singing debut at the age of 10 in a church and never really having stopped, Mélanie Charrier is always delighted with her projects, and she enchants Montreal’s metro, streets, restaurants, bars and churches. surroundings with a Pop, Soul, RnB, Rock & Gospel repertoire.

Soprano 2 for Elvis Experience under the direction of Martin Fontaine since 2013, Mélanie Charrier walks in several registers according to the needs and circumstances.

She has had the pleasure of accompanying: Dano Peace, Mario Saint-Amand, Nadja, Medad Ernest, Richard Picotin, Jean-Pierre Beauchamp, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Jireh Gospel Choir, Mario Pelchat, Luc Gingras, as well as several other emerging or independent artists such as Nancy Blues Desmarais, Kami, Ramon Cespedes, Sara Rénélik, Félix-Antoine Vallières, Senaya, Mannix.

Fire vocal cords and bionic ears at your service to simply entertain or even embellish your musical creations as an instrument. With the power, the versatility of the styles and the extent of her voice, Mélanie Charrier knows how to transmit emotion, enjoys sharing her knowledge but is especially pleased to be a “CHORIST”

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